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What does cellulite, acne, arthritis, facial wrinkles, spider veins, hair loss, and psoriasis have in common?

They are all medical conditions that can arise from dysfunctions within the layer of your skin called the DERMIS.

The dermis is the third layer of skin below the epidermis. The epidermis is the top layer of skin that you tan in the sun. The dermis contains nerves, lymph, artery and vein vessels, cells from the immune system, fibroblasts – cells that make collagen that support the skin structure, and fat cells. What’s really interesting is that this layer of tissue came from what was called the mesoderm – one of the first cell layers that formed bone, cartilage, plasma, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, and membranes that line all the organs. In effect, this cell line laid down what I like to refer to as the ‘body’s communication super highway’.

A Swedish researcher in the 1980s discovered what appeared to be distinctly unique structures within the dermis containing a confluence or coming together of nerve, capillary vein/artery, and lymph vessel at distinct unique points along the body. These points coincidentally corresponded to classically described acupuncture points! So here we have this middle dermis layer – mesoderm providing access points to our body’s healing network, affecting nervous, hormonal, and immune functions of our body.

Mesotherapy is a treatment modality that stimulates the mesodermal layer of skin to stimulate, revitalize, and correct cellular, metabolic and physiologic imbalances. As I mentioned above, the mesoderm forms the connective tissues of the body including the collagen, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, as well as the fatty tissues that surround all our organs. That is why treatment of this important layer has enabled physicians to use this therapy to reduce fat and to some degree reshape body contour.

Mesotherapy was pioneered in France by Michel Pistor, M.D., around 1952. Today there are over 20,000 practicing physicians mostly in France, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, and several hundred or so in the United States.

The American Society of Mesotherapy is currently establishing board certification in this subspecialty founded by Lionel Bisson, D.O.

In Italy, Dr. Ivo Bianchi added his expertise in homeopathic and homotoxicologic medicine to the French system of Mesotherapy.

Physicians worldwide are employing Mesotherapy in the treatment of, but not limited to, hormone therapy, chronic local infections, muscle, tendon, and skin contractures, arthritis, headaches, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, bone spurs, eczema, psoriasis, and balding of the hair. The French-trained Mesotherapists inject solutions of vitamins, herbs, minerals, and medications. The Italian-trained Mesotherapists will also use combination homeopathic medicines according to the principles of homotoxicolgy practiced by Dr. Hans Reckeweg (visit my website for the article on Health and Healing).

The types of compounds injected into the mesoderm during Mesotherapy depend upon the disease process that is being treated. Pharmaceutical-grade natural plant extracts, as well as traditional pharmacological agents, are used for the treatments. Mesotherapy is effective for a multitude of conditions because it helps reverse the physiology of that condition. In rheumatoid arthritis, for example, several agents are used to controlling inflammation and stimulate healing. A common aesthetic problem, cellulite or more correctly lipodystrophy is a condition involving the circulation as well as the lymph flow within adipose or fat tissue.

Lipodystrophy is caused by poor nutrition, hormonal changes in estrogen, and progesterone with subsequent elongation of fat cells within dermal columns creating the ‘cottage cheese’ dimpled appearance found mostly in thighs, buttocks, and arms. Several compounds need to be injected to increase blood flow and lymph drainage along with compounds to break down fat. Medications like aminophylline and nutrients like phosphatidylcholine have been also been used in these treatments. With medications and certain nutritional supplements, such important issues as proper dosing, possible allergic reactions, pregnancy, and patients with underlying medical problems like liver, kidney, or heart need to be monitored to avoid possible side effects and these are best determined by a qualified physician practicing mesotherapy.

Bio-Mesotherapy avoids such side effects due to its use of gentle homeopathic medicines that provide the same benefit without the risks of medication. Bio- Mesotherapy treatments are typically given once per week. As improvement is seen, the treatments may be given less frequently, such as once every two weeks, once per month, or even once every six weeks. Most patients notice an improvement in only a few sessions, but the average patient requires ten initial sessions given at one-week intervals. Patients have noticed an improvement in stamina and energy, a smoother appearance to their thighs, firmer more youthful-looking skin, diminished blemishes, age spots, and facial wrinkles. Male pattern baldness, allergies, headaches, chronic ankle sprains, asthma, psoriasis, and eczema have all been helped with this gentle healing technique.

Lifestyle and dietary modifications, nutritional and/or herbal supplementation along with osteopathic manipulation and an active exercise program augment and maintain the effects of Bio-Mesotherapy on one’s health.

If you are interested in learning more about Bio-Mesotherapy, contact Dr. Zeiger at healthWorks, Integrative Medical Clinic at (312) 255-9444.

To life and good health,
David Zeiger, D.O.

Dr. David Zeiger is board certified family physician in private practice. He specializes in Integrative Medicine treating chronic/acute illnesses like IBS, Allergies, Women’s/Men’s health issues, Thyroid- Adrenal Syndrome, Hypertension, CFIDS/ Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Diabetes, and Neuromuscular pain management.

He uses acupuncture, functional nutritional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, neural therapy, and ligament regeneration injection therapy.

Contact: David J. Zeiger, D.O., health- Works-Integrative Medical Clinic E-mail:

The above is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical diagnosis or treatment.






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