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  • Heavy Metal Toxicity – Part 2

    The Silver- Mercury Dental Amalgam Issue Part 2 byDavid Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format Mercury is 5000 times more toxic than lead. Like lead, mercury affects the health of the body in many undesirable ways. Massive exposure from industrial or residential spills can cause immediate acute illness or death. It is the chronic long-term […]

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity – Part 1

    The Silver- Mercury Dental Amalgam Issue Part 1 ByDavid Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format Many historical scholars feel that the fall of the mighty Roman Empire was attributed to the use of lead pipes for their water system and drinking from leaden vessels for their libations. Mozart died of mercury toxicity during a course […]

  • Aches, Pains, and Prolotherapy

    Here’s an obscure but reportedly effective treatment used by integrative medicine practitioners for joint and spinal painBY BOBBYE MIDDENDORF View in PDF format Sharon Klopner was walking home from work in late May when she stepped into a puddle — and on down into an invisible hole, severely twisting her ankle and tearing ligaments. The […]

  • Thyroid-Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

    Or is Your ‘Zip Zapped’!by David Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format You used to be an active person full of life and energy. For over 6 months now you can hardly drag yourself out of bed in the morning, a cup or two or three of coffee or cola is needed to just make […]


    Public Health Enemy #1by David Zeiger, D.O. and Judy Manisco, L.D., C.N. View in PDF format Today many American adults, teens, and children are facing the alarming fact that they are either overweight or obese. Metabolic obesity, as it is now understood, is a factor of neuropsychological stress, hormonal imbalances, and dietary lifestyle. The following […]

  • Health Supplements

    Guide for the PerplexedBy David Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format In my integrative medical practice, patients will often bring in a number of health food supplements either self-prescribed or recommended by other health care providers. Many times in patient interviews, I discover there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about the nature of […]

  • Health and Homotoxicology

    Do you ever wonder what herbs, homeopathic medicines, and nutritional supplements do for your health? View in PDF format Dis-ease, the antithesis of health was the basis of much of my early medical education. Over the many years of clinical practice, I have observed not only the antecedents of disease but also those that maintain […]

  • Fibromyalgia

    A Most Misunderstood DiseaseBy David Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format “Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience, after being seen and evaluated by multiple medical specialists, poked and probed with every conceivable standard diagnostic medical test, the esteemed medical committee’s summary diagnosis for your symptoms of diffuse multiple muscle pain, joint pains, fatigue and flu-like […]

  • Estrogen Toxicity – Part 2

    The Diet-Lifestyle Connection: Obesity, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and Cancer Part 2By David Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format Since my family practice residency, the clinical management of women’s health issues has undergone marked changes. Hormone replacement therapy began 20 years ago with estradiol from a pregnant mare’s urine. Later medical research discovered the benefits of […]

  • Estrogen Toxicity – Part 1

    Estrogen Toxicity: What it is, Where it comes from, and How to test for it Part 1By David Zeiger, D.O. View in PDF format Estrogen metabolism, in women and in some men, plays a key role in the regulation of health and disease. Research over the past 5 years has found that the way estrogen […]