Common Cold Remedies – that work!

by David Zeiger, D.O.

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Okay, so now that the title got your attention let me fill you in on the truth!

There are literally hundreds of treatments reported for the common cold ranging from your Grand mama’s hearty chicken soup to the latest antiviral medication released by your friends at BIG PHARM USA.

Let’s look at what we all want a cold remedy to do for us when we’re running around in our hectic lives and we really don’t want to slow down for any mundane illness like the common cold. First off, we want something that will help with the runny nose, watery eyes, achiness, cough, headache, congestion in our head and or chest, that horrible sore throat and fever/chills, and or night sweats. Secondly, we want to get symptom relief without any side effects that will make us sleepy or too spacey during the day, dry mouth, nauseous, or keep us from getting the rest we need at night. Finally, we want to get better immediately!

We all have taken many of the common over-the-counter medications like Vicks Cold and Flu™, Tavist D™, etc., as well as having some prescriptive medications recommended by a physician. These do provide symptomatic relief and can come in handy in a pinch — if you are lucky enough not to be hampered by any of the more common side effects associated with these well-known medications.

Many patients do have problems with taking such medications, as well as those who wish to actually help their body fight this infection. I will hopefully give you some truly effective natural approaches to fighting and hopefully preventing the dreaded COLD VIRUS!!

Prolonged or even acute severe stress can bring your immune system down. If you’ve been particularly healthy for weeks or months then all of a sudden you’re hit with a bad cold — your body is alerting you!! Listen to it — rest, and drink plenty of fluids like fresh fruit juices; OJ is — great, but try other citrus juices like mango, pineapple, grapefruit, and apricot. These fruits contain a lot of other nutrients — Vitamin C, flavinoids, other antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and B vitamins, and trace minerals that help feed your body’s defenses. Your natural health food store is a great source.

Homeopathy, a distinct medical science with its own unique materia medica — that’s sort of like a PDR (physician’s desk reference) of medications has been around for over 130 years. Classical homeopaths will usually dispense a single remedy that will cover a number of medical symptoms and even those that may be unique to you (i.e. your sniffles also cause your teeth to itch!). Another form of Homeopathy will combine several of the classical remedies into one — again figuring that some people will be benefited from one general remedy and others from another. They may also include different potencies of a single remedy in combination. This requires more explanation and I will cover this in another article. Suffice it to say both of these approaches work. The key to homeopathy is picking the right remedy for your particular symptoms.

To make things easy, try Allium Cepa 30 C by Bioron. Take 3-5 pellets and dissolve them under your tongue about every 4- 6 hours until symptom relief. Gripp Heel™ by BHI is wonderful for feeling fatigued, sore throat, head congestion, and clear phlegm. Dissolve 1-2 tablets under your tongue every 8 hours. There are many such remedies. Ask your healthcare practitioner to make a suggestion or two.

Chinese Herbal medicine has very potent remedies that strengthen the immune system, relieve head and chest congestion, and invigorate the body without side effects.

Essential Defense™ by Metagenics is a collection of Chinese medicinal herbs like forsythia fruit, lonicera flower, and licorice root among others that are made into tinctures then dried and tableted for use. Taking 1-2 tablets every half-hour as needed with warm ginger tea (I like this method) will usually abort if not shorten the illness significantly within 24 hours.

Biocidin Throat Spray™ by Biobotancial Research is an herbal throat spray that has anti-virucidal and antibacterial properties to it. Usually taking 1-2 sprays every 8 hours will abort many a sore throat. If your symptoms worsen and or persist for more than 72 hours check with your health practitioner.

Natural D Hist™ has powerful natural antihistaminic and decongestant properties by Orthomolecular. One capsule contains quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles, Vitamin C, and Nacetyl cysteine. I will usually recommend taking 4-6 caps all at once with 10 ounces of water or juice, then go to 1-2 caps 3 times a day. Usually, within one hour your runny nose will stop. Continue with 1 -2 caps three times a day until you’re symptom-free.

So you’ve heard about Zinc Lozenges and Vitamin C. Now I’ll tell you how to use them in the most effective way.

Zinc Aide Plus™ by Metagenics, has 13 mg of zinc gluconate. Break the lozenge into quarters. Allow one-quarter to dissolve slowly and repeat every 15 minutes. If after the 4th quarter you still have a sore throat, then stop. Never exceed more than 150 mg of Zinc a day — it will block the absorption and increase the excretion of copper leading to a form of anemia. If you select a good zinc product, it should also contain a bit of copper.

Buffered Powdered Vitamin C tablets don’t work as fast or as well as buffered powdered Vitamin C. Take 1-1/2 tsp to 2 tsp in juice or water every 4-6 hours at the earliest signs of cold or even flu. If you experience watery diarrhea — don’t worry this is normal when taking Vitamin C this way. Just back off by 1/2 tsp every dose until diarrhea ceases and stay at this dosage. Take this dose every 8 hours until you’re symptom-free — usually within 72 hours! The best forms of buffered powdered Vitamin C are hypoallergenic and come from beet or corn sources like those manufactured by Allergy Research or Orthomolecular.

Remember, if your symptoms get worse and/or persist, see your health practitioner immediately.

Avoid! at all costs DAIRY products that means NO milk, cheese, yogurt — nothing from a cow’s udder…. Use Rice milk or soy (if you’re not allergic to soy). Eliminate, as best you can, caffeine and alcohol during the duration of your illness. Also, refrain from working out — your body will thank you for the rest!

These are but a handful of great natural remedies that you, your family, and your friends can use safely and inexpensively….

To life and good health,
David Zeiger, D.O.

Dr. David Zeiger is board certified family physician in private practice. He specializes in Integrative Medicine treating chronic/acute illnesses like IBS, Allergies, Women’s/Men’s health issues, Thyroid- Adrenal Syndrome, Hypertension, CFIDS/ Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Diabetes, and Neuromuscular pain management.

He uses acupuncture, functional nutritional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, neural therapy, and ligament regeneration injection therapy.

Contact: David J. Zeiger, D.O., health- Works-Integrative Medical Clinic E-mail:

The above is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical diagnosis or treatment.






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