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Simeons hCG Weight Loss Program


Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, a British physician, published his initial study on the Cura Romana diet in 1954 in the prestigious medical journal the Lancet. This diet was first used at the Salvatori Mundi International Hospital at the Vatican. Since that time, many other studies have followed on the safe and effective use of the Cura Romana program for the treatment of obesity. Unfortunately, it was unavailable only to a select few able to travel to Europe…until now!

Three Types of Fat

According to the research of Dr. Simeons, he describes three types of fat, each with a specific purpose:

  • Structural fat: surrounds the organs and joints, provides cushioning and support to the skin
  • Normal fat reserves: the fat used for fuel when the body is dealing with insufficient calorie intake
  • Abnormal fat or secure fat stores: while also a “reserve fat” for use in times of reduced caloric intake, this fat is located in “problem areas.” For women, it is the thighs, hips and buttocks. For men, it is the abdomen and chest. This fat is “survival fat” in that it is only released in the most severe nutritional emergencies when the body is close to near starvation

When an overweight person tries to lose weight using typical diet strategies combined with exercise, they lose normal fat stores, structural fat and muscle mass. Often, the patient is hungry with decreased caloric intake and will fail due to overwhelming food cravings. To their frustration, the thigh, buttock and hip fat are still there. Not so with the Cura Romana Longevity Diet. It has been demonstrated in over 100,000 cases to not only yield excellent fat loss, but reshape the “problem areas”. Pounds and inches melt off the body. In as little as 30 days, you lose up to 10, 20, or 30 pounds of abnormal fat without hunger or a decrease in energy!

Why We Get Fat

While genetics play an important role, it was Dr. Simeons research in the early 40’s that lead him to believe it was a change in the functioning of the diencephalon – a specific part of the brain that has a significant control over how people become obese. Buried deep in the skull at the top of the brainstem, the diencephalon includes three important structures: the thalamus, the hypothalamus and the pituitary. All three, either directly or indirectly, control autonomic functions such as appetite, thirst and hunger, breathing, heartbeat, digestion, sleep, sex, and as well as the interplay of hormones through the endocrine system. For 15 years Simeons searched for a means of restoring normal functioning to the diencephalon, thus enabling the body to clear abnormal fat deposits. What he discovered led to the development of Cura Romana. Sadly, in his time “obese” was defined as 10 or 15 pounds overweight. Today, our population is easily 40, 50, or 60 pounds overweight. Today, we get fat largely due to the quality and quantity of the foods we consume, our lack of exercise, even unrelenting emotional, mental /physical stress and environmental toxins such as lead , mercury, phthalates .All these factors can cause a “short-circuiting” of the hypothalamus… leading the body to abnormally store fat. The greatest by-product of the Cura Romana Longevity Diet is that it actually resets the hypothalamus to function normally again. Provided you follow the diet as instructed, you will not regain the weight.

Program Details

The Cura Romana Longevity Diet is considered to be a very low calorie diet that significantly impacts the health of the patient. It can lead to positive changes in metabolism, decreased blood pressure, decreased high cholesterol and triglycerides as well as decreased blood sugar. In some cases, prescription medication may be decreased or eliminated.

Prior to beginning the program it is necessary to establish baseline lab values for each participant. Following a physical exam and review of labs by Dr Zeiger you will meet with Dr. Zeiger who will be monitoring your weekly progress and assisting you with the protocol. Program length is a minimum of 4 week with a maximum of 6 weeks. If the desired weight loss has not been achieved after the first phase, the program may be repeated after a 6 week break.

Dr Simeons original protocol utilized 3 weekly intramuscular injections of hCG .Later clinical studies have used sublingual hCG troches (lozenges). Modern compounding pharmacists have developed intranasal hCG sprays that are as effective as the before mentioned intramuscular and troche forms of dosing. Intranasal hCG spray delivers the same recommended dosage of hCG and does not require injecting one self! This is not a homeopathic dilution of hCG but a compounded hormonal pharmaceutical with guaranteed potency.

The Simeon Protocol diet is strictly supervised by Dr Zeiger which consists of two phases:

  • Phase One: Supervised weight loss, including a 500 calorie food program with daily dosing of intranasal hCG spray and basic dietary vitamin-mineral and probiotics supplements to assist the body in overcoming hunger and food cravings while activating the abnormal fat stores and supporting healthy stamina. Dr Zeiger also recommends exercise and will discuss different forms such as aerobics, Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Yoga, Kettle Bell. You will be meeting with Dr Zeiger once a week to monitor and record your weight loss as well as handle any questions or problems that you might have. All patients are required to purchase and read HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster. This can be purchased from Mark Drugs 630-529-3400. Phase One usually lasts 30-40 days.
  • Phase Two: The 21 Day Transition occurs after the end of Phase One. This part of the program is as critical to your long-term success as Phase One as it changes the set-point of your metabolism. During this time you will then work with Judy Manisco LDN on a maintenance diet plan that will work with your new healthy lifestyle.

This program has helped many people who have not been able to lose weight before and by following a new healthy lifestyle keep the weight from returning.


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